Company Profile

Welcome to the website of Arez Slovakia.

We are a modern engineering company specializing in the production of engineering products.

We have been operating on the market since 2005 and are engaged in custom production of components and technological units.

Of course, we also provide all commonly available engineering technologies, such as chip machining, welding, forming, surface treatments, assembly. If we cannot produce anything independently, we achieve it in cooperation with our network of reliable suppliers.

We specialize in the production of components, spare parts and technological units. Our production is not only based on your submitted technical documentation, we can also create designs and technical documentation using our own sources. We can produce design documentation for our customers for submitted parts which have no documentation. We can also reverse engineer and modify the existing design in order to achieve savings.

We will advise you about the available choice of materials, surface treatments and production technology to extend service life, improve mechanical properties, reduce failures, etc.